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May 24 2013

MaryAnne Bobrow in the Spotlight

By David McMillin, Staff Writer

MaryAnne BobrowAs independent professionals look to win over new business, MaryAnne Bobrow, CAE, CMP, CMM, CHE, President, Bobrow Associates, Inc. and 2013 Chair of the PCMA Independent Professionals Task Force, says that now is the time to capitalize on new opportunities.

“We’re finally emerging from this long economic downturn, and I’m seeing a lot of organizations that are looking to make a move with the companies that have been managing their meetings,” Bobrow says. “They’re confident, and they’re looking for someone who can offer a more strategic level of service. They want more than just logistics.”

At Convening Leaders 2014 in Boston, Bobrow and her fellow Task Force members are hoping to provide fellow independents with the skills and knowledge they need to stand out in today’s industry.

“We’re looking to have high-level business acumen discussions,” Bobrow says. “When independents are in the running for a piece of business against the Goliaths of the industry, we want to help them understand what they can do to distinguish themselves and their services.”

She also wants to help them understand how to simplify their lives.

“We’re hoping to educate independent professionals on new productivity tools that can increase efficiencies in order to help them manage their own businesses while they’re managing a client’s business at the same time.”

The Path to Independence

Bobrow has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but the story of the founding of Bobrow Associates, Inc. is rooted in much more than the world of attendees, exhibitors, members and marketing. In 2003, Bobrow was diagnosed with cancer.

“It was a scary time, and it really made me look much harder at how I wanted to spend my life, who I wanted to work with and what I wanted to accomplish,” Bobrow says. “

Ten years later, Bobrow remains cancer-free, and she approaches her work and her life with an inspiring sense of calm and confidence.

“It’s given me a new perspective,” Bobrow says. “I no longer fret about the things I cannot control.”

While her battle with the disease may have changed many elements of her life and her work, she says one piece will always remain the same.

“My Type A behavior is still very much a part of me,” she says with a laugh.

That personality fuels Bobrow’s commitment to the entire industry - - not just her own clients. From receiving MPI’s RISE Award for Member of the Year in 2011 to her current work as Chair of the APEX Standards Committee to her volunteer work at PCMA, Bobrow is a strong voice for the power of face-to-face meetings.

“Our industry is doing tremendous things,” Bobrow says. “I’m thankful to be part of the big impact that meetings have on the world.”

To learn more about Bobrow Associates, Inc. and get in touch with MaryAnne, click here.

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