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May 13 2013

Hotel Giant Makes Meeting Requests A Lot Easier

By David McMililn, Staff Writer

The meeting room is too cold. The coffee is empty. The session is wrapping up much earlier than expected, and lunch is nearly an hour away. Typically, when planners find themselves in these familiar situations, a process of someone finding someone to find someone else unfolds. That’s a lot of someones.

Marriott is aiming to simplify that process with its brand new app, Red Coat Direct. The mobile tool is built to automatically filter meeting requests to the appropriate department to eliminate inefficiencies. It’s compatible with essentially any device that connects to the Internet.

“The way people work is more mobile and global, but until now, organizing meetings has been stuck in the past,” Peggy Roe, vice president, global operations services, Marriott Hotels, said in a statement. “We are rethinking all aspects of meetings from the physical space to the experience for both attendees and planners, and looking for ways to enable and inspire people to do their best work.”

“Red Coat Direct’s technology allows planners to continually adjust requests without missing a minute of their meeting or keeping other professionals waiting,” Roe added.

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If you’re looking to take advantage of the tool at your next meeting, be sure to check with Marriott first: the hotel giant is launching Red Coat Direct at 350 of its properties this month. However, the hotelier plans to add the app to its entire global portfolio by the end of 2014.

“This is a great innovation that incorporates technology with convention services to provide an easier and faster way for planners to communicate with facilities, get immediate assistance and responses to requirements and make changes on-site,” Vicky Betzig, CMP, director, meetings and events, PCMA, says. “It shows that Marriott really understands their customers’ needs and is willing to invest in resources to develop solutions that enhance the experience for attendees and planners.”

As technology continues to change the meetings industry, it’s clear that planners are going to be able to harness new powers to make their lives easier. It’s not just about the most affordable room rates and F & B discounts anymore. Hoteliers will be able to set themselves apart in the site selection process by working to capitalize on continuing technological advancements.

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