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May 06 2013

10 Trends that Will Impact You and Your Attendees this Year

By David McMillin, Staff Writer

As 2013 approaches the halfway marker, it’s clear that this year holds plenty of new technological innovations that will shift the way your audience thinks, acts and understands the world. A recent report from New York-based marketing communications firm, JWT, outlines the top 10 trends for 2013. Here, the PCMA.org Editorial Team applies those trends to your attendees, your meeting team and of course, you.

1) Play As A Competitive Advantage - Business professionals are overwhelmed, and they’re beginning to realize that the always-on, always-working mentality is stifling creativity. Your meeting’s solution: leave some empty space for your attendees to relax, recharge and reinvent themselves during three or four days on-site.

2) The Super Stress Era - Competition is causing people to lose sleep. If you’re feeling as stressed as the rest of the world, it’s time to take a realistic assessment of your workload to determine how to achieve some semblance of a work-life balance.

3) Intelligent Objects - There’s a reason they’re called smart phones, and attendees are bringing even more devices with brainpower to your meeting. Make the most out of those phones and tablets within your meeting environment by incorporating a game into your next conference.

4) Predictive Personalization - Big data is creating big opportunities for marketers to target consumers based on past behaviors and preferences, and there are plenty of opportunities at your meeting, too. By tracking which sessions your audience members attend, you’ll be able to give them suggestions for future educational opportunities.

5) The Mobile Fingerprint - People are using their smartphones to pay for coffee and start their cars. As you begin to plan your next meeting, consider how smartphones might be able to simplify your attendees’ lives while on-site.

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6) Sensory Explosion - Attendees don’t just want to look or hear; they want to touch, smell and taste the world. As your speakers submit their presentations, be sure to help them determine how to engage audiences with multi-sensory experiences rather than simple PowerPoint slides.

7) Everything is Retail - Your audience is being bombarded with opportunities to buy, well, everything. As you market your meeting, take a look around at what some major brands are doing to advertise their products. You’ll need to get more creative to make your messaging stand out from the crowd.

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8) Peer Power - Looking to fill your room block? You might be competing with new services like Airbnb or 9flats. As more options for accommodations arise in the hospitality industry, you’ll need to educate attendees on why your host hotel is the place to be.

9) Going Private in Public - We’re all dealing with a new definition of privacy as status updates, tagging and check-ins continue to reveal what you’re doing and where you are at all times. If you’re looking for a new career opportunity in the meetings industry, you’ll want to ensure your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles are squeaky clean for potential employers.

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10) Health & Happiness: Hand in Hand - The general public is beginning to understand that happiness isn’t just a nice feeling - - it’s essential to overall health, too. As you outline your meeting’s schedule, give attendees an itinerary that will inspire them to do more than learn. Send them home with smiles, too.

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