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September 05 2013

Think Big: Turning BIG Ideas into Experiences

By Gina McDuffie, GES
museum of modern art rain room

I have never been short of big ideas. It’s great until I have to explain to my kids that they aren’t really getting the zip line that will let them fly superman-style from their bedroom window to a Swiss Family Robinson-like tree mansion at the bottom of our backyard. “Mom was just dreaming.”

As marketers, we love to dream big and that’s a good thing. After all, it’s a job requirement. To stay ahead of the competition we have to think big and think differently. Just as important as the big idea is a team that can help bring it to life.

A great example of the magic that happens when big dreams meet the right team of multi-disciplined experts is Rain Room, an art installation by rAndom International. It defied nature in every way possible. It allowed attendees to walk, run, zig or zag through a downpour without getting wet. To help bring this extraordinary idea to life at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the artists turned to GES. We made what others said was undoable, doable. I am very fortunate to have experienced the magic firsthand.

The Rain Room just finished its three- month run at MoMA. It took the city by storm – people waited in line up to nine hours to experience the immersive art. The technology that rAndom International used to create the choreographed downpour, and pause when it sensed a human body, was highly complex. Just as challenging was figuring out how to hang a 7.5 ton raining mechanism and create a subfloor drainage system that collected the rain, filtered the water, and recycled it back to the top. All of this had to be done at the right angles, with the right lighting and in a temporary structure. Our expert riggers, electricians, plumbers, engineers and carpenters shared rAndom International’s vision and accomplished the feat in remarkably little time.

We enjoy teaming up with artists and agencies all around the world to translate ideas into physical spaces where audiences can be engaged in memorable ways. We give people license to dream bigger because if they can think it, we can do it. For dreamers like me, that’s like having a genie in a bottle. If only I could get a few GES genies to design and build my complex tree house!

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A version of this story first appeared on the author's company blog.
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