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September 03 2013

Don’t Forget to Do This Before the End of the Year

By David McMillin

The passing of Labor Day is an important (and unfortunate) marker in your calendar. There are no holidays in the immediate future. The long weekends are over. If your boss has been giving you half-day Fridays, those are probably done, too.

With that in mind, consider this a friendly reminder from the PCMA.org editorial team about how to keep yourself happy and avoid a breaking point in your job: take a vacation.

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While this may not seem like a task that needs a reminder, studies show that Americans are struggling to spend time away from work. According to a survey conducted by Expedia last year, Americans used two fewer vacation days than compared with their time off in 2011. Forty-two percent of respondents had actually cancelled or postponed their vacation due to work, too. This is a trend driven by a culture of concern. What will happen while you’re away? Will your boss be upset if you take time off? Will you be less likely to be considered for a promotion if your face isn’t combing the hallways of the office each and every day?

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“Studies consistently show that an ideal work-life balance leads to happier and  more productive employees,” John Morrey, general manager, Expedia.com, says. “Your vacation days are not a gift, not a luxury. They’re yours to use.”

Meeting professionals may be better positioned that anyone to take full advantage of those vacation days. All those hotel points and frequent flier miles you’ve accrued via site visits and other organizational travel? This is the time to put them to use.

So, this week, don’t mourn the end of summer. Instead, take a look at your calendar. Check your inventory of vacation time. Make plans to make sure you’re balancing your personal and professional needs.

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