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August 08 2013

Declining Revenues Lead to Preferential Treatment at Javits Center

By Daniel Metz, Specialist, Marketing

This week it was anything but business as usual at the New York Convention Center, known as the Javits Center.

The Jacob Javits Convention Center made an arbitrary decision to displace six major trade shows, allowing it to give preferential treatment to the New York Boat Show, a show that has seen a 30 percent drop in attendance over the past three years.

The decision elicited a response from the Friends of Javits, an organization representing trade show exhibitors. The group called on the Javits Center, to reverse its arbitrary decision, stating how this could have a significant impact on New York’s economy.

"This unilateral action threatens to displace six trade shows that support substantial economic activity and job creation for the City and State. Arbitrarily altering the schedule threatens the Convention Center's reputation related to future business commitments. It also impacts business for local hotels, restaurants and other related services,” said Charles McCurdy, Chairman of the Friends of Javits.

The Javits Center is yet to give a reason for its decision or provide an economic impact study regarding the potential effects.

McCurdy added, "Over the coming days and weeks, we intend to work cooperatively with the Javits Center and the Governor's office to address this matter. We remain confident that we will be able to reach a solution that benefits all involved, and we urge the Javits Center to reconsider an unprecedented decision that violates years of policy."

Wednesday, the Friends of Javits sent a letter to Henry Silverman and Jacob Javits CCDC Chairman requesting a meeting to find a mutually beneficial solution for all parties involved.

The decision violates the Javits Center’s own policies, damages its brand and could have a negative impact on future revenues. The decision will force future exhibitors and event organizers to take a second look when booking the Javits Center for their trade show or conference.

Click here to read the full release and letter.

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