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April 15 2013

Frequent Fliers: You’re Missing Out On Rewards

By David McMillin, Staff Writer

airline miles

As a meeting professional, you’re probably pretty good at earning thousands and thousands of frequent flier miles. Now, here’s the real question: how are you at tracking them?

If you’re like the majority of people, the answer is not very good. A new study commissioned by The Points Guy, an online resource devoted to helping users maximize their points and miles for rewards, reveals that 73 percent of frequent fliers are unaware of their mileage totals.

“Miles and points are a form of currency,” Brian Kelly, founder of The Points Guy, says. “They are worth money. Sometimes they are worth a lot of money - - depending on how you redeem them.”

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However, redeeming them can be challenging if you aren’t regularly monitoring your progress. In many frequent flier programs, miles automatically expire after a certain amount of time without any activity.

Meeting professionals are road warriors, and all that travel time can pay huge dividends. From accumulating enough miles to cover your next site visit to achieving elite status that puts you closer to the top in that next standby list to simply putting those miles to personal use for a much-needed vacation, it pays to keep track of how far you’ve been traveling.

While the survey indicates that the majority of fliers are somewhat careless about their rewards activity, some people take those miles very seriously. Hongbo Han, a member of United Airlines’ MileagePlus program actually just filed a lawsuit against the airline for failing to compensate fliers with additional miles when a flight path strays from a direct line.

While you don’t need to get that dedicated to counting your miles, you can take advantage of easy solutions that will monitor your activity. Here are three programs that can be a frequent flier’s best friend by tracking your miles and sending you notifications before those miles expire:

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