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October 17 2016

This New LinkedIn Tool Will Help You Search For Jobs Without Alerting Your Boss

Staci Wuokko


Searching for a new job can make you feel like a secret agent. You’re regularly going to your existing job each day, but your personal computer is full of calendar appointments for networking lunches and email exchanges with other potential companies. It’s a double life, and you’re doing your best to find a new career opportunity without upsetting your current boss. While this approach avoids a potential confrontation with someone at your company, it has also eliminated your ability to stand out on LinkedIn. Until now. The most valuable professional networking site has launched a new service called Open Candidates, which is designed to help job seekers send out a private smoke signal that they want to discuss new positions. 

“Who among us hasn’t, at some point, tried to find work without our boss finding out?” Dan Shepero, Careers Product Leader at LinkedIn, wrote in a recent blog post. “Now, you can privately indicate to recruiters on LinkedIn without worrying. We will hide the Open Candidates signal from recruiters at your company or affiliated company recruiters.”

If you’re interested in activating Open Candidates, go to the Preferences tab on the LinkedIn Jobs home page and turn sharing to “On.” Then, complete some information on the kind of opportunities and roles you’re hoping to explore. 

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Can You Have Honest Conversations About Your Career?

LinkedIn’s new tool can play an important role in many professionals’ job searches, but the need for something like Open Candidates highlights that today’s office environment fails to embrace a simple reality: most people aren’t going to work for one organization forever. “The definition of a successful career has changed,” Ben Casnocha, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author, told attendees at the 2016 PCMA Education Conference in St. Louis. “It’s time to stop treating employees like family members or free agents and instead treat them like allies on tours of duty.”

If bosses can be more understanding about the new definition of success, employees may no longer feel the need for all the secretive job search activity. Interested in figuring out how to bring Casnocha’s perspective to make your office more honest? Check out “This Is What You Should Start Doing With Your Employees’ LinkedIn Profiles.

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