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October 13 2016

6 Oddball Questions You May Need To Answer In Your Next Interview

Angela Campiere

Searching for a new job is a stressful and unpredictable activity that we’ll all live through at least once in our professional lives. Just as you begin to master the standard interview questions that have been popular for ages, hiring managers throw you for a major loop with off-the-wall queries. Accountemps conducted a survey of 300 hiring managers to find out their go-to oddball interview questions. The majority of these questions are intended to see how well you can think on your feet and how you would handle a high-pressure situation on the job. You might need to put on your thinking cap to come with answers to their favorites.

1) What kind of animal would you be?

This question helps the hiring manager get a sense of how you see yourself and the qualities you value the most in your professional persona. My go-to answer? A hippopotamus because I’m usually fairly calm and observant, but I can be forceful when I need to be, which are three qualities that I hope to exude in the workplace.

2) If you could have all the ice cream in the world, how many different flavors would you take to make a sundae? How many toppings would you pick?

A question about numbers or amounts tells a hiring manager a lot about your decision-making tendencies and your work ethic. Make sure that you keep your number of flavors and toppings (or whatever the question might refer to) to a realistic amount. A little bit of everything might be a little too much in the eyes of the hiring manager.

3) Use an ad slogan to describe yourself.

This question gauges how well you stay up with current trends and how well you can think on your feet. As with any oddball interview question, the real answer lies within the explanation of your answer, so make sure that you are able to tie your slogan back to qualities that would serve you well in the position you are interviewing for.

4) Tell me something different about yourself that's not written on your resume.

We often forget that an interview is as much about learning about your professional qualifications as it is about finding out about your personality and how well you would mesh with the others in the office. Asking for information that’s not on your resume is a hiring manager’s way to gauge how you would handle yourself off-script and which personal attributes you think are important.

5) Which magazines do you read?

Questions about books or magazines help a hiring manager get an understanding of how you spend your free time and how much you know about the general or specific industry in which you’re hoping to land a job. When answering these types of questions, make sure that you try to name a publication that has some sort of tie-back relevance to the job.

6) What did you want to be when you grew up?

The jobs we wanted when we were little speak a lot to the underlying desires that have fueled us our entire lives. Hiring managers are interested in getting a peek at those desires so they can gauge if the position you’re interviewing for will benefit you in your long-term career aspirations. 
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