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October 03 2016

Making Hotel Rooms More Female-Friendly

Kerry Kurowski, CMP

Nearly half of all business travelers are women, according to this 2011 study. Hotels have been working to make their hotels more attractive to women, yet it seems there is plenty of room to improve in terms hotel room. Here are some items, in my opinion, that could stand improvement.

Counter Space
Regardless of gender, most of us are traveling with beauty and grooming products. If I am in one location for several days, I like to spread everything out for efficiency in the morning. Having ample counter space lets me grab items quickly and saves time. It beats shuffling through a travel bag of toiletries. I understand that historic hotels may not be able to redesign vanities, but can you add surfaces? Shelving under the vanity is one solution, but it increases the chances of forgetting things when packing up.


Imagine not wearing your glasses, and trying to lean as far as you can over the vanity so you can see your eye to put on makeup. You still can't see well enough and you now have the countertop wedged into your guts.

In many hotels, the visually-challenged can't get close enough to mirrors. Occasionally I get a room with a free-standing makeup mirror sitting on the counter, but there's no chair to sit in. I find this particularly thoughtless. Am I supposed to kneel down in front of the mirror to see my eye, or do I prop it up on a stack of towels and the tissue box (which I've done)? Hotels with mounted swivel makeup mirrors are great, but too few.

A good option is the full length mirror. It can create harmony among roomies since one person can be in the bathroom while another is doing their makeup. A full-length mirror can allow you to get close enough to your face, but there needs to be adequate lighting over the mirror to do makeup. Often it is too dark. Ideally there is a surface next to it to lay out your makeup.

Shower Stalls

There is a hotel bathroom design trend of sleek, luxurious shower stalls instead of tubs. Inside they have adjustable rain showers, inlaid soap dishes, and a rectangular bottom. What if I am shaving my legs? Inevitably there is no ledge, shelf, shower stool, or other surface on which I may prop up my foot. That leaves doing an impressive forward bend (which some of us can't do) or sitting on the shower stall floor. Eeew. A teak shower stool solves the problem and adds elegance.


I am tired of the cheap toilet tissue that leaves bits in my lady parts. It continues to amaze me how, even in luxury hotels, that there is such poor quality toilet paper. Imagine if you are offering a romance package. By the way, I've heard ​everyone complain about this. Nobody wants bits in their intimate areas. Since it is an industry-wide problem, it has been going into all my hotel room evaluations. For the sake of love and beauty, complain about this one!

We already know that most of the rogue DNA is on the remote control and the bedspread. If your hotel offers adult films, please please sterilize the remote and wash the bedspreads. Don't make me describe why.

Throwing This In
I've been to Europe. I know about the shelf-stable milk and cream. Enough with the fake creamer for the in-room tea and coffee.