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September 12 2016

The Tool That Can Drive Content Development For Your Education Department

Carolyn Clark

McGraw-Hill Education’s recent Transformative Teaching Virtual Event powered by INXPO, positioned McGraw-Hill Education as a thought leader in the learning technologies space. With 3,700 unique log-ins, an attendance conversion rate of 44 percent, and $6 million in closed business from event attendees, the marketing event exceeded expectations, and set a new standard for attendee interaction both during and after the event. However, increased conversion rates were not the only important success indicators for the McGraw Hill Education team.

The McGraw-Hill Education team used INXPO’s Online Event platform to drive more than 1,000 questions and 6,300 comments. “McGraw-Hill Education created a compelling program that did more than inform and educate,” Daniel Lotzof, Executive Vice President, INXPO, says. “It engaged attendees and sparked a thoughtful conversation.”

Simplifying The Search

With so many comments and questions, the McGraw-Hill Education team wanted to do more than monitor the conversation in real-time. They wanted to be able to analyze all the questions and comments once attendees logged out, too. INXPO’s platform delivers simple search functionality to help clients understand the most mentioned subjects and buzzwords used during an event. “We want to take the guesswork out of content development,” Lotzof says. “Online event chatter is one of the most effective ways to understand the trends and issues attendees want to understand.”

In many organizations, the education department relies on faculty recommendations, survey results and insights from volunteer committee members to shape session topics. This is effective, but it doesn’t always satisfy demand from attendees. INXPO’s tool delivers honest information directly from the audience.

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Making Real-Time Adjustments For Attendees

In the post-event analysis, INXPO and McGraw-Hill Education concluded not only can online activity drive future content, but attendee questions and comments can also make an immediate impact on the conversations within the live event. In the future, the company plans to recommend topic shifts to speakers based on attendee commentary in the session chat rooms. By monitoring attendee reactions, McGraw-Hill Education can understand which material is sparking the most interest, and driving the most engagement.

“INXPO’s event resources gave us the capability to pull lessons learned and best practices directly from the market’s feedback,” Charlotte McLaren, Senior Marketing Manager (Digital Products), McGraw-Hill Education, says. “This feedback will influence the logistics for future events.”



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