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August 22 2016

Futurecast: How Your Audience Will Consume Content By 2020

Staci Wuokko


Right now, you’re doing something that appears to be a rarity in the online world. You’re reading.

“This is the age of video,” Tracy Lanza, vice president, integrated marketing, The Brand USA, told the audience at the DMAI Annual Convention in Minneapolis on August 3.

However, we’re just at the dawn of this new age. Lanza shared a statistic to highlight the importance of video production for every type of organization: by 2020, more than 80 percent of all content on the Internet will be video. According to a recent white paper from Cisco, Internet video traffic will grow fourfold from 2015 to 2020. This adds up to one mind-boggling statistic: it would take you more than 5,000,000 years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2020.

So what do all these numbers mean for organizations in the meetings and convention industry?  It’s time to invest more resources to create compelling video content that will capture the attention of prospective attendees. Interviews with your CEO, interviews with attendees, footage from the host destination, bite-sized how-to videos, 20-minute OnDemand educational webinars and more — the list of ideas will continue to grow as your audience gets more accustomed to consuming the majority of information via video.

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Adopt A Mobile-First Mindset

As the digital landscape evolves, more members of your audience will spend their time behind small screens. Cisco projects that global mobile data traffic will increase eightfold by the end of the decade. So forget sitting in front of a TV to watch the Olympics. They won’t need an oversized 14-inch laptop screen to watch a clip from last week’s Saturday Night Live, either. They’ll pull devices from their pockets on their morning commutes to catch up on all the news and entertainment. If the emerging generation of prospective attendees is comfortable with consuming content on their smartphones from major media outlets, they’ll demand the same level of convenience from other organizations, too. As your association or corporation looks to outline a 365-day engagement strategy, it will be essential to approach every video with one question: how will this topic translate to a small screen?

How is your organization preparing for the future of online content? What kind of adjustments are you making to your content strategy to create more opportunities for videos? Go to Catalyst to share your thoughts.

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