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August 11 2016

Cool Concept: Deciphering the Alphabet Soup

Kristen Dennis

There are a plethora of certifications you can obtain in the meetings industry. With all the different certification acronyms out there, it can be overwhelming figuring out which certification is the best one to obtain. Deciphering which one is this month’s cool concept.

Last June, 2016 PCMA Education Conference attendees were provided with informative learning sessions during the day and networking opportunities in the evening at exhilarating venues like the St. Louis Ballpark Village and the eccentric St. Louis City Museum.  Students of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Planning programs who attend PCMA conferences and chapter events may have found themselves perplexed by the litany of acronyms listed on participant nametags: 

  • CMM
  • HMCC
  • CMP
  • EDC
  • SMPC
  • GBTA  

These acronyms actually represent specialty certifications that can help bolster your career in the industry so it’s a good idea to pay attention to them and learn if attaining one is beneficial.   Some certifications cost more money or take more time than others to earn and not all are offered by PCMA.  Some, like the Certified Meetings Management (CMM) is more of a Master’s Degree equivalent for senior level industry professionals.   Depending on your personal preference or where you ultimately end up working, a certification may be highly beneficial, or possibly mandated by your employer.  Gaining some familiarity in advance will help raise your situational awareness and actually attaining a certification may help you secure the job you really want.

To learn more about certifications offered at PCMA, click here for more details.

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