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July 28 2016

Chesapeake Chapter Board Travels to PCMA Education Conference in St. Louis, MO

Krystine LoBianco, CMP
On June 25, 2016, Chesapeake Chapter Board members President Robyn Hulvey, CMP, CGMP; President-Elect Krystine LoBianco, CMP; Immediate Past-President Janeé Pelletier, MBA, CMP; and Director, Communications Kerry Kurowski, CMP attended the Chapter Leaders Workshop at PCMA Education Conference. Two half-days were dedicated to discussing strategies to enhance our chapter, to better our programming, and to learn best practices from other chapter leaders around the country.


Technology was a major theme during the workshop and throughout the conference itself. On a chapter level, we discussed technologies that can be used to reach distant members by streaming our sessions online, offering webinars, and adding elements of gamification to our educational and networking sessions. Fun stuff to come from the Chesapeake Chapter! During the conference, the PCMA Hub Tech Lounge was bustling with different areas one could visit: a Business Event Series Demonstration area, Crowdsourced Sessions, Wellness Stop, and a Master LinkedIn Kiosk. Robyn and I enjoyed the Snapchat 101 session, and Kerry and I attended the Crowdsourced session, "You have a Hashtag, Now What?" facilitated by Alex Plaxen, Little Bird Told Media. 
On the last day, Jake Wood, CEO of Team Rubicon, explored team building in the closing general session The One and the Nine: Building Teams and Organizations That Win. Team Rubicon is a volunteer organization that deploys resources into disaster areas torn apart by weather, war, and other catastrophes. Jake focused on his experience with being the One, the leader, the warrior, and when he had to step up; while in other instances, when he had to step back as part of the Nine, the army. Certainly, this is something we can all relate to at times in our personal and professional lives.
Krystine LoBianco, CMP
PCMA Chesapeake Chapter