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July 25 2016

Will This Suitcase Revolutionize The Way You Travel?

Carolyn Clark


Many fitness-focused passengers may think of the journey to the boarding gate as a chance to increase the count of their daily steps, but the makers of Modobag are banking on the belief that travelers will want to do something surprising: ride their luggage. So far, it seems the minds behind the Chicago-based startup are correct; Modobag’s crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo has achieved 288 percent of its goal with a month remaining to rack up contributions.

Wait, you’re probably saying, I can ride this suitcase? Yes, indeed. With a memory foam cushioned seat and slip-resistant foot pegs, the Modobag takes travelers from Point A to Point B at a top speed of eight miles per hour with a 150-watt electric motor. It can travel six miles on one full battery charge, and juicing up the battery requires one hour. This is a see-it-to-believe-it type of transit, so I recommend watching the video below.


The Modobag benefits extend beyond a speedy trip through the airport, too. With dual 5V USB ports, the bag solves the constant challenge of finding charging stations for smartphones and tablets. However, this will cost you quite a bit more than the standard carry-on you’ve been cramming into overhead compartments. The Modobag’s early bird price tag clocks in at $995 plus shipping.

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