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July 25 2016

Trade Show Organizers Are Taking More On-Site Security Measures

David McMillin


Istanbul, Nice, Orlando, Munich — the list of destinations shaken by horrific terror attacks seems to grow longer each week. As night clubs, shopping malls, airports and other public places become investigation sites, members of the business events industry must devise strategies to keep face-to-face gathering venues as safe and secure as possible. According to the most recent edition of The Global Exhibition Barometer from UFI, nearly 60 percent of trade show organizers are taking additional security steps. Here’s a look at some of the measures:

  • Additional screening at entrances for visitors
  • Additional controls on site during the event
  • Additional information for attendees
  • Additional screening at entrances for exhibitors
  • Checking lists of pre-registered participants in liaison with police/defense authorities

While the “additional controls” and “additional information” categories may seem vague, the most recent edition of the Consumer Technology Association’s CES offers some examples of what one of the industry’s leaders is doing to better manage security threats. In January, CES added bag searches, metal detectors, pat downs, explosive detection dogs and more. CES organizers also asked participants not to bring luggage to the venue on their last day.

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Other members of the convention industry are altering their approaches to security, too. For example, at the upcoming World Conservation Congress in Honolulu, the city council wants to use traffic cameras to help monitor suspicious activity, and organizers of the Chicago Auto Show added roaming police-dog patrols earlier this year.

Has your organization implemented new on-site protections? If so, please go to Catalyst to share your insights as the PCMA community works to keep attendees and exhibitors safe.

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