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July 07 2016

GMC PCMA Enhances Donation Efforts by Uniting with Association Management Center

Kelly Jena & Kari Messenger
Association Management Center joined forces with GMC PCMA Community Services Committee to enhance their donation effort of raising awareness of Inspiration Corporation and Sarah's Circle.

During the week of June 13, AMC hosted their annual AMC Give Back week. During this time, AMC staff rallied together to donate and package the high- demand products these two organizations are in desperate need of. Efforts were above and beyond anything that could have been expected. AMC staff came together and generously donated items needed on a day-to-day basis for the organizations; such as, over 50 bottles of shampoo and conditioners, 25 packages of toothbrushes, 18 bottles of lotion, 25 bottles of body wash, along with gift cards and much more! AMC didn't just stop there, in addition to donation items, AMC staff also raised monetary funds by hosting an all- office bake sale.

All proceeds are going directly to Inspiration Corporation and Sarah's Circle.

GMC PCMA will continue to collect donations for these great organizations at each GMC PCMA Education Event from now until December 2016.

Please make sure to look for more information as the education events are announced.

About the Authors
Kelly Jena and Kari Messenger are both Meetings Managers at Association Management Center as well as members of PCMA's Greater Midwest Chapter Community Services Committee.