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June 27 2016

Webisode 2: The Balancing Act: How Meeting Professionals Can Better Manage Their Stakeholders

David McMillin

Every meeting planner knows the delicate act of dealing with a range of stakeholders. Buyers, suppliers, sponsors, members, Board leaders, customers, advertisers — the list of people who have a vested interest in the success of an event can look very long. Each of those segments of stakeholders may define success differently, too. So how do you keep all these groups happy at the same time?

The answer relies on understanding each of your stakeholders — diving in to discover what matters to each of them, why they’re involved with your organization and how they want to feel when they leave your meeting. For the second installment of “Designing ColLABoration: The Road to Convening Leaders”, the PCMA team steps under the spotlight as the members work to build an experience that will satisfy the objectives of a diverse set of stakeholders. The process begins well before anyone arrives on-site, too. Deborah Sexton, President and CEO, PCMA, highlights the importance of inviting all the organization’s stakeholders into the content curation process.

“While our stakeholders have different objectives, they all believe in top-notch education,” Sexton says. “So we try to involve a range of different perspectives from stakeholders in our session development to make sure that our program covers the trends and issues that are impacting the audience right now. From our volunteers to our Board members to our sponsors, we’re lucky to have a number of expert voices who can contribute to designing the best learning opportunities in the industry.”

Still, that doesn’t mean that satisfying stakeholders is easy. PCMA sits on a foundation of innovation and risk-taking, so each year involves plenty of never-been-done-before changes. How does PCMA get stakeholders onboard with new ideas? And what can your organization learn from the process? Find out below in the second webisode as the organization and Austin work together to develop Convening Leaders 2017.

Did you catch the first webisode in the series? Be sure to check it out here to see what innovation means to your colleagues in the meetings and business events industry.

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  1. 1 Lisa HIll 28 Jun
    This is my first webisode. It was nicely done although the information was a little elemental for me. I can see how this would be helpful to new planners.

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