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June 16 2016

PCMA Shines a Light on Event Legacies at the Meetings Show

Katie Yandell, Manager Global Partnerships, PCMA


Leaving a lasting positive impact on the community where your event took place, isn’t this what we all want as meeting organizers and the host city community which supports and creates meetings and events?  We all hope that our events will engage with our local communities, raise awareness for our cause and leave an impact on the city long after we leave. 

This week, PCMA presented at The Meetings Show in London, UK and decided to explore this crucial topic in the industry during the session “Leaving a Legacy Beyond Your Event”.  Maybe your organization has been wanting to create a legacy project for your event but you are unsure of where to start, how identifying who your key stakeholders are, and finally what are the financial obligations of embarking on a project such as this?  Together, Michael Foreman with Kindology, an organization designed to create good from your events, Professor Leo Jago of the University of Surrey and Davi Kaur, Head of the Congress Unit for ECCO, the European CanCer Organisation, dissected this topic to share their viewpoints on why creating legacies from events are crucial, the community impact they can have, and what they learned working through the planning process. 

During the session, Professor Leo Jago shared his viewpoint on the impact of business events, noting that it’s very difficult to quantify the full scope of the impact which meetings and events have on the locations where they are held because of how many different sectors are affected by business events. Michael Foreman added that the true impact of legacy events is shown in the engagement of the local community before, during, and long after your congress or event is over. 

To conclude the session, Davi Kaur shared the top tips of what she learned along the way of creating a legacy event last year “Go the Extra Mile” for her annual meeting in Vienna, Austria.   

  • As soon as you have confirmed the location of your next congress, begin reaching out to yourkey stakeholders, both internal and external, to ensure they are committed to the success of your project.
  • To further engage the local community, be sure that your legacy project’s components align with the culture of the location where you are planning to hold your project.Pay close attention to your communication and marketing efforts.
  • Ensure additional time for you and your staff to dedicate to your program.

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