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June 16 2016

5 Tips for Strategizing Creatively and Avoiding the Predictable

Katie Yandell, Manager Global Partnerships, PCMA

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PCMA’s Business School program debuted during IMEX Frankfurt, 18 April 2016. According to Christian Selchau, Manager of Global Accounts with HelmsBriscoe in Turkey, “This session has challenged me to think creatively rather than mechanically. It has been a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and try a different approach.”

Disruptive IDEAS (Imagine, Disecct, Expand, Analyse, Sell) was the central focus of the program presented by Kaihan Krippendorff, a business strategist, consultant, and best-selling author. A former consultant with McKinsey & Company, Krippendorff now writes one of the most popular blogs on FastCompany.com, entitled “Outthinkers”, and is a recognized expert on innovation, business strategy, and creativity. Krippendorff encouraged PCMA Business School attendees to create disruptive ideas by managing the strategic conversations they have with their colleagues.

Effective management of peer conversations seeks to avoid the traps which often derail conversations from greatness thus, resulting in boring, predictable strategies. Sound easier said than done? Operating within the IDEAS or “Outthinkers” framework, here are Krippendorff’s top five tips to help you be successful with managing strategic conversations and avoiding the predictable.

Krippendorff’s Top Five Tips for Strategizing Creatively

1. Have you asked an “impossible” question?

2. Have you encouraged your team to consider the less obvious drivers of the problem?

3. Have you introduced new “strategic narratives” that lead people to bigger, more innovative possibilities?

4. Have you made time to consider the seemingly impossible ideas?

5. Have you thought strategically about how to build buy-in for your innovative, outwardly crazy strategy?

Try out Kaihan’s 5 tips during your next strategic conversation and see how they effectively change your conversation and enhance the dialog between you and your colleagues.  

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