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June 14 2016

Campus Convention Chronicles

Jacqueline Liston

My name is Annabeth Canfield and I am currently a Hospitality Management student at University of South Carolina. 

 In the summer of 2015 I was an event-planning intern for a company in Los Angeles, California called Way 2 Much Entertainment. I learned so many things from them; the company is truly one of a kind. My favorite event that I got to help out at was the Back to The Future themed event for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The event was held atUniversal Studios in Los Angeles. I got to meet with the event coordinators forUniversal Studios and help them brainstorm ideas about the event. In the meeting, all of the different vendors came to discuss responsibilities.

I finally got to see what it was like to have every part of an event come together and plan it all out. It was truly an honor to work with and be a part of the brainstorming process for this big event at one of the coolest venues in Los Angeles. There were a few celebrities and lots of very important people coming to this event, so it was a dream come true for me to work with these people.

After all of the brainstorming and planning, it was finally time to set up the event. I got incredible hands on experience for setting up decorations and executing directions to some of the people that were performing at the event. Once we set everything up, people started arriving on the red carpet and it was truly amazing to see the event come together. Along with setting up the event, I got to document and advertise the event through social media. The company that I worked for performed a reenactment of the “Slide for Life” scene from ‘Back to the Future’; the entire crowd was surprised and thoroughly entertained. I had to make sure that everyone performing that scene, and also performing throughout the entire event, was on cue and in costume. I felt like I added so much value to the event as a whole, which is incredibly important as an intern. Most interns don’t feel like they get a lot of hands on experience; I was very lucky. Not only did the company I worked for do an amazing job, the event was an incredible success. I felt so accomplished for being a part of the event and learning so much from all the amazing people involved.


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