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June 13 2016

See How Meeting Design Can Shape Corporate Sales Strategy

David McMillin

It’s the challenge that faces so many meeting planners: how can a massive investment in the general session environment pay off in a more intimate setting, too?

As SAP was preparing to bring their customers together in Orlando for SAP SAPPHIRE NOW and the ASUG Annual Conference, Keegan Hooks, Global Program Manager, SAP SAPPHIRE NOW, knew that finding an answer to the question was critical to the program’s success in 2016. SAP planned to debut a new tool called Live Business, and the company needed to leverage the full show to bring its features to life. “What’s really important to us is to be able to take the keynote messages and the ad campaigns and bring it down from the 50,000-foot level to something that customers actually understand,” Hooks said.

So how did she and her team do it? With a huge LED wall that actually lifted up after Bill McDermott, SAP’s CEO, finished speaking to unveil the SAP Live Business Center. SAP’s customers weren’t the only ones there, though; some members of the meetings industry were lucky enough to catch a first-hand glimpse of the captivating experience, thanks to PCMA’s On The Road initiative. Want to see how SAP used its experience design to connect customers with its new sales tool? Check out PCMA On the Road with CNTV below.

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