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May 30 2016

See Why Tech Savvy Millennials Are Flocking To The World’s Most Future Ready City

Jeanna Hofmeister


When computer giant, Dell, and Harvard University set out to forecast which of the world’s cities were most prepared for future growth, you’d expect to see the usual suspects. But the results of Dell’s Future Ready Economies Model placed San Jose at number one, ranking ahead of San Francisco, Washington, DC, Boston and Austin.  In a city where innovation and technology drive the economy, tech conventions and their heavily Millennial attendees are finding San Jose a logical fit.

As evidence of that growing interest, San Jose’s Convention Center will host three major tech conventions.  Sensors Expo and Conference (June 21 – 23) is focused exclusively on sensors and sensor-integrated systems exploring sensing technologies.  Wearables TechCon (July 19-20) is a technical conference and exhibition for developers, designers, builders, business decision makers and OEMs driving the next generation of wearables technology.   They’ve recently incorporated the Internet of Things TechCon into their conference.  Internet of Things TechCon will focus on the broader strokes of the Internet of Things, from wireless connections and protocols, to WebKit development, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons and more.  Integrate + API World 2016 Conference and Expo, the world’s largest technology conference, expo, and social network, which solely focuses on integrating technologies together, comes to San Jose this this fall (Sept. 12 – 14).

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“San Jose speaks for itself,” says Stacy Burris, Vice President of Events at BZ Media LLC, producer of Wearables TechCon.  “It is the back yard of the largest technology organizations in the world, one of them being Google.” This year’s Wearables conference will draw more than 2,000 attendees, (many of them Millennials) from across the U.S. and around the world who will come for the learning opportunity, but may also be job hunting.  “The city and surrounding areas are focused on development and the future,” says Burris. “While millennials state they aren’t just interested in a paycheck, San Jose’s average starting salary is among the highest in the nation. It’s a nice perk.”

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Because San Jose stands out as a destination that supports technology, it can mean increased support for tech conferences in terms of both local attendees and exhibitors.  Google and Apple’s expansion in the market might seem the most appealing from a conference and consumer perspective, but there’s more to the story of why this convention destination is becoming even more attractive to tech conference planners and attendees. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Terragraph Brings Street-Level Connectivity

San Jose was selected as the first destination to test Facebook’s new Wi-Fi service, Terragraph. Set to go live later this year, Terragraph equips light poles and other “street furniture” with antennas to blanket cities with consistent WiFi service, bringing street-level connectivity into dense urban areas. Terragraph should be able to route and steer around interference, such as tall buildings, and alleviate internet congestion due to high user traffic.

Faster Connections With Google Fiber

Google is moving forward with plans to expand Google Fiber into the heart of Silicon Valley, potentially making San Jose largest city in the country with Google Fiber. Google’s team is currently working with city leaders to explore the possibility of building a super-fast (1,000 megabits per second!) network for the city. At this time they’re working to understand local requirements and challenges – from roads and infrastructure to permits and utility paths.

New Ideas Make It To Market Faster

San Jose leads the nation in patent generation. To ensure new ideas make it to market faster, this past October the city opened the first and only West Coast U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The office will benefit high tech and other local startups by speeding up the patent process and reducing cost. The San Jose office will also host classes in patent and trademark education.

Plain and simple, San Jose is wired for your success.  To find out more about meeting in the world’s most future ready city, contact:

Mark McMinn, Director of Sales and Destination Services
Mmcminn@sanjose.org, 800.SAN.JOSE

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