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May 30 2016

5 Images That Showcase This Conference’s Incredible Sense Of Creativity

David McMillin

“A business conference, only different” may be the official motto of C2 in Montréal, but different does not adequately summarize the unforgettable experience in the largest city in Quebec. C2 is the definition of innovation for the business events industry. For three days, the C2 team turned Arsenal into a carnival for creatives and entrepreneurs. Here’s a look at five of our favorite images from the environment.

Welcome to the indoor oasis.

When attendees walked into Arsenal Montréal, they did not find a typical event space. Instead, C2’s organizers outfitted the venue to feel more like a forest with foliage, plants and trees. No matter where attendees turned, the color of green greeted their eyes.

Mealtime made more trendy.

Cauliflower tacos, lobster rolls, bacon grilled cheese and more — C2’s dining united some of the best food trucks from Montréal in one location. The dressed-down approach to dining means that attendees avoided the cattle call to sit at round tables in a ballroom while eating one of pre-selected three meal options; instead, they customized their F&B options on the spot and joined fellow attendees at picnic tables. Bonus: servers patrolled the area to take orders for beer and wine.

Pump up the jams.

While Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel have top-notch bands for their shows, C2’s organizers didn’t need to wait for the “late-night” timeframe to kick in for some volume.

This house band’s live improvisations between speakers and panelists offered more energy and authenticity than a typical playlist approach to music selection.

Take a break from the ballroom.

The house band wasn’t playing in a typical ballroom, either. In fact, they weren’t even playing in a typical building. C2 organized some of its sessions in this circus tent. The break from the norm isn’t simply about being different, though. Estelle Metatayer, one of C2’s curators, said that one of the main objectives is to inspire speakers and attendees to immerse themselves in unusual environments and approaches to learning.

Dive right in.

Conference attendees don’t have to just hand out business cards, adjust their ties and conduct themselves like grown-ups. Sometimes, it’s good to feel like a kid again, and at C2, you could dive back into your childhood in the “pool.” The pit of plastic balls felt more like a third-grade birthday party than a formal business environment, and it was a key ingredient for unleashing attendees’ inner sense of creativity.

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