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May 23 2016

This Trade Show’s Website Is Built For International Attendee Appeal

Staci Wuokko


When Toy Fair 2017 kicks off in New York in February, I’m guessing the show floor will be crowded with plenty of buyers from outside the United States. My prediction isn’t solely based on the fact that hundreds of thousands of products will drive registration numbers; it’s also based on one crucial feature of the show’s website: translation in more than 100 languages. From Afrikaans to Japanese to Zulu, toyfairny.com offers a customizable website experience for prospective attendees — no matter where their screens are located around the globe.


This is a leap ahead versus traditional US-based marketing targeted toward international attendees. For most meetings, the dedicated international attendee section of a website includes visa invitation instructions, important documents, links to the US Department of State and other helpful travel information — all in English. While offering this type of assistance is a good step toward connecting with audience members outside North America, failing to offer translated text can be an automatic turn-off for anyone who doesn’t speak English as a first language.

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As meeting professionals and trade show organizers outline marketing plans for the future, it’s important to ask web developers about translation services. While the costs may seem high, the return can be much higher. From short-term registration increases to the long-term impact of building a community of loyal worldwide attendees, a global strategy is an essential piece of success for every organization. Why? Because the story of the future won’t be written in English. By 2030, three out of four people will live in Africa or Asia, and by 2050, the US is projected to be the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

These numbers carry big implications for what happens on-site, too. After all, organizations can’t just offer a welcoming website for attendees; they must deliver an even better experience once they arrive. Are you considering how to add interpretation opportunities during your meeting? If so, be sure to check out “How To Deliver Multilingual Events International Attendees Can’t Miss” at the PCMA Education Conference. Click here to register for the conference and join your colleagues in St. Louis in June.

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