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May 23 2016

Webisode 1: The First-Ever Convening Leaders Real-Time Innovation Case Study

David McMillin


It’s the question that every meeting professional must answer after the lights go down and the attendees head home: how do we make this experience different next year? As leaders in the face-to-face industry work to design immersive environments and produce impactful programming, it’s clear that innovation is the key ingredient for driving year-after-year attendance and engagement. But being innovative is not easy. It takes time, money and teamwork to avoid the let’s-copy-and-paste-from-last-year mindset that plagues some organizations.

This year, PCMA, the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Austin Convention Center are working together to help meeting professionals gain a comprehensive understanding of the journey that leads to the innovations at Convening Leaders. From the initial brainstorming sessions to the site visits to the move-in, “Designing ColLABoration: The Road to Convening Leaders” is a six-part webisode series that will take viewers behind-the-scenes to see how the event’s strategy takes shape and what influences some of the major decisions about the experience.

“Each year, we start with a clean slate for Convening Leaders,” Deborah Sexton, CEO, PCMA, says. “All ideas are welcome to the table, and our education and events teams work closely with the host city to imagine a completely fresh approach to the experience. This year, we want attendees to see more than the final product. So we’re inviting everyone to be part of the journey so they can see what’s shaping our process, and I hope that our members will be able to apply some of what we do to their own organizations.”

At the end of each webisode, a series of discussion questions will help you apply some of the lessons to your own team. From room sets to opportunities outside the venue to event tech decisions, each webisode will offer a glimpse into the most important considerations leading to Convening Leaders. The first installment walks through the crucial steps of the innovation process and features perspectives from three respected leaders in the meetings and events industry.

Are you ready to start the journey? Watch the full webisode below, and get ready for the ride to Austin.

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