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May 09 2016

Job Search Alert: This Is Becoming Just As Important As Your Resumé

David McMillin


Before you walk into your next job interview, it’s likely that the potential employer already knows quite a bit about your personal background. A new survey from CareerBuilder shows that 60 percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates. That’s a massive surge in social searches compared with the first year CareerBuilder conducted the same survey: in 2006, just 11 percent of employers indicated that social media was part of their evaluation process.

“Tools such as Facebook and Twitter enable employers to get a glimpse of who candidates are outside the confines of a resumé or cover letter,” Rosemary Haefner, Chief Human Resources Officer at CareerBuilder, said in a statement. “And with more and more people using social media, it’s not unusual to see the usage for recruitment to grow as well.”

While some professionals may be a bit wary of employers combing through the photos of their last vacation and trolling their walls for comments, social media is a convenient way for employers to see past the buttoned-up image in a job interview. Rather than limited questions and scripted answers, social platforms can offer a more well-rounded view of a candidate. Fifty-three percent of hiring managers say they’re looking to see if a candidate has a professional online persona, and 30 percent want to know what other people are posting about the person.

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Should You Keep Your Social Info In The Dark?

Maybe you’re creeped out about a potential employer looking at your shares, likes, tweets, comments and photos. Should you set all your profiles to private? No. Forty-one percent of hiring managers say they are less likely to interview someone if they cannot find information about him or her online. With that in mind, consider your social media accounts as an extension of your brand and an opportunity to wow outsiders with a first impression. In fact, your online image could play a big role in landing the job. According to the survey, 32 percent of employers uncovered information that led to a job offer.

And here’s your no-brainer reminder for the day: don’t post offensive and inappropriate material. Because, believe it or not, nearly 50 percent of hiring managers have found information that caused them to not hire someone including provocative photos and videos, posts about drinking or using drugs and discriminatory comments about race and gender.

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