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April 26 2016

Resilience and Relationships in the Face of Uncertainty

Chris Achacoso, Melbourne Convention Bureau
Just over a year ago, I remember being at the Cruise Shipping Miami conference when news of the terrorist attacks in Tunis reached us. Almost immediately, the entire exhibit floor came together in front of the Tunisian booth to share a reflective moment of silence, exchange hugs and tears, and whisper words of comfort. 

Everyone was touched by these genuine expressions of solidarity and together embodied the transformative power of our community.

Unfortunately, since then we have had more incidents around the world that have shaken us to the core. Each time our industry has shown its resilience and strength—a source of comfort amidst all of the uncertainty.

That’s something very inspirational that we take with us as meeting professionals. In the midst of jumbled schedules, tight deadlines, and endless conference calls we often forget how much our work actually brings us together. I’m constantly reminded of the friendships and the connections that we create every day—not just within our industry, but also for our clients. Because at the end of the day, much (if not all) of our work is truly about bringing people together and forging lasting relationships.


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