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Professional Convention Management Association

April 26 2016

Global Collaboration

Chris FJ Lynn, London & Partners

Collaboration is one of the key areas of focus for NYPCMA during 2016. This month gave us all a great example with GMID 2016 (Global Meeting Industry Day) and our collaboration with MPI to raise awareness of our industry, support its reputation, and highlight its impact throughout the world.
For our newsletter this month I would like to take some time take you global!  I was fortunate to represent our industry in Frankfurt at IMEX 2016, and a client event enabled me to experience and showcase London and Antwerp as well. However, the term “global” refers not only to worldwide destinations; it also includes:

  • Wanderlust—this was my favourite word in school (Saint Christopher is the Patron Saint of Travelers, so maybe it’s in the name)!
  • All-encompassing and comprehensive ideas—take a moment to consider all horizons and you may find a better sunset!
  • Cultural perspectives—whatever your accent or perspective, it is valid so shout it out!
Speaking as your 2016 President (with the accent), I encourage you to collaborate globally today!

2016 NYPCMA President Chris FJ Lynn, Membership Director Brecht Putman, and friends representing NYPCMA in Europe during Global Meetings Industry Day 2016.