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March 17 2016

Food Trends: Clean Eating Basics

Heidi Smith, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, CMP

You may have heard the term, “Clean Eating,” recently as it has become a new “buzz word.”  The basis of Clean Eating is to consume primarily whole, unprocessed foods.

The Clean Eating movement started in the 1960’s when processed food was banned for moral and societal reasons rather than for health and nutritional issues.

As the movement has evolved, it has become very bio-individual, meaning that it means different things to different people. Bio-individual means that no one diet or nutritional lifestyle works for everyone. That is why many try diets like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers and do not have success keeping weight off long-term. Unless a person’s bio-individuality is really evaluated and a diet plan is created specifically for that individual, chances of sustainable success are slim.

The real theory behind Clean Eating is to eliminate all processed foods from one’s diet and adding in fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, some lean meats, fish and healthy fats.

The reason there has been such a movement toward this dietary lifestyle is that clean eating increases your energy, leads to weight loss, improves mental health, better sleep, better mood and overall well-being. Moving to a Clean Eating lifestyle helps you to make long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes that will improve your well-being and happiness.

Principles of Clean Eating

  • Stick to whole foods – those that occur in nature and not in a manufacturing facility.

  • Cook food yourself – guarantees more nutritional value and keeps you in control of what you are eating.

  • Eliminate refined carbs and sugars.

  • Eat smaller meals more often – it will help to stabilize your blood sugar.

  • Aim to include a serving of lean protein, good fat and complex carbs to each meal.

Moving to a Clean Eating plan will improve your mindset, will regulate cholesterol levels, ward off cancer, dementia and other conditions. This is one food trend that is highly beneficial to follow for the rest of your life.


Heidi Smith, CINHC, CMP is a certified integrative nutrition health coach, certified meeting planner, author and the founder/ chief executive officer of the Integrative Wellness Studio in Houston, Texas.  For more information on clean eating and other topics, please visit www.integrativewellnessstudio.net.

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