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March 14 2016

This New Technology Will Help You Target The Most Valuable Potential Attendees

Carolyn Clark

“The most valuable potential event attendee is the one who is the closest to registering for the event,” David Epstein, Content Marketing Manager at Bizzabo, wrote in a recent blog post.

But meeting planners know that “close” does not equal cash. So what’s the secret to getting someone who is nearly finished with the checkout process on the registration page to click the “submit payment” button? Epstein and Bizzabo may have found a better answer than sending endless emails to a list and posting on social media. It’s a new tool called Hot Leads, and it helps meeting planners know exactly who did not complete their registration. Meeting planners can then use that data to send highly customized emails, make specific phone calls or create retargeting advertising campaigns that connect with those members of the audience.

To some, this might sound a bit worrisome. Will attendees question how your organization is managing to track their online movements? While I understand the concern, this type of retargeting is used by every major brand in the world. Remember that time you almost clicked the “make reservations” for that hotel on the beach? For some reason, that same hotel’s advertising messaging started showing up in your Facebook feed. Or how about that time you nearly bought the new pair of shoes on Zappos? Over the next week, those same shoes were everywhere you turned online.

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This marketing tactic can play a pivotal role in breaking through the digital clutter and reminding those almost-registered attendees why they should make the commitment to attend your upcoming conference. While you can’t be certain of why someone failed to complete the registration process, price can be a big factor. Epstein highlighted that retargeting can help nudge attendees in the right direction.

“Perhaps the most effective way to re-engage a potential attendee who abandoned his or her shopping cart is to send an email offering an attractive discount, or in the case of free registrations, some other reward,” Epstein wrote. 

Learn more about Bizzabo’s innovative new marketing tool here. Are you using retargeting tactics to capture attendees? Go to Catalyst to share your thoughts on how it has impacted your registration numbers.

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