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March 11 2016

Light City U Brings Innovators, Thought Leaders and Change Makers Together

Carolyn Clark

Premiering in 2016, Light City U is the first large-scale, international light festival in the US, designed to be a celebration of ideas, ingenuity and creativity through art, music and innovation. The Baltimore conference runs March 28 – April 2 and will shine a light on the city’s abundance of creative, cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary talent.

Whether you’re a medical meeting professional interested in hearing the latest in health that could bring innovation to your own meetings or you are seeking to understand innovations in sustainability that affect industries beyond energy or ecology or perhaps you're just looking for a boost of creativity - Light City U has inspiration to offer.

The event is a convergence of 4 topical conferences over the course 6 days:

Social Innovation Conference March 28-29 - Bringing together leaders in social enterprise, education, social justice, philanthropy, and policy to explore real-world solutions to problems faced by societies throughout the world.

Health Innovation Conference March 30-31 – Takes a dive deep into emerging technologies and innovative practices that have the potential to affect the quality of life and health outcomes for people around the globe.

Sustainability Innovation Conference March 30-31 - Focuses on changing how to think about energy, ecology and economics while providing a glimpse into what to expect from a world that a more sustainable path to the future.

Creative Innovation Conference April 1-2 – Gathers of some of the most inventive designers, makers, artists, entrepreneurs, futurists, storytellers and thinkers to explore how emerging creative practices will shape our world and to share ideas and tools to create change.

Participating innovators and change-makers included co-founder of AOL Steve Case, Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad, Alex Laskey, founder of OPower, Design Matters’ Debbie Millman, Wes Moore and Baltimore City Health Department Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen will join with other thought leaders across multiple industries, to tackle the complicated issue of how to become a more responsible and equitable society.

Scholarships are now available to individuals most likely to use the experience to improve themselves and their community, and also be awarded to individuals who cannot afford the full ticket price with a March 18 application deadline - apply here. Learn more and or purchase your tickets here - Tickets range from $200-$250 for each 2-day conference, or $650 for all conferences (6 days).

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