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Professional Convention Management Association

March 04 2016

Presidents Corner: Be Amazing!

Chris FJ Lynn, London & Partners and NYPCMA 2016 President
2016 is a year of opportunity for NYPCMA members through volunteerism and collaboration, and a chance for us all to contribute something special to this association. What special skill do you have to offer?  Something amazing I am sure!
I lead each day with the mantra, “Be Amazing.”  What are you doing to be amazing today? Here are a few suggestions:
  • Wake up and reach for your sneakers, not a donut
  • Breathe, look up from your smartphone, and see the view
  • Make a five-point plan for your day and stick to it
  • Try something totally new, whether a new task or a different route home
  • Smile and encourage someone else to also
  • Make time for important people in your life
  • Give yourself some ME time
  • Be in the moment
So, together, let’s make today amazing!

In 2016 I want to hear from you and be seen with you (see some examples already posted to our Facebook page. This is the time to volunteer, share your ideas, join a committee, and make new friends and connections. Above all it’s fun and educational. Start your journey to becoming an ACE Award Winner in 2016 and be amazing!

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