Leading Meeting Professionals

Professional Convention Management Association

February 24 2016

Making the Most of Your PCMA Membership -- A Message from the PCMA SE President

Mike Whittington
As president of the PCMA SE Chapter I am proud to represent this great organization. The mission of the PCMA SE Chapter is to offer relevant education, caring impactful community service projects, and abundant participation opportunities for meeting professionals.  Our chapter events allow for a congregation of intelligent, like-minded professionals that are immersed in the inner workings of their industry to gather and share opinions and ideas. Most of us can say easily that without the support of our peers and the professional organizations to which we belong, we would not be nearly as successful with our own organizations and programs.

Membership in a the PCMA SE Chapter exposes you to new opportunities and people that could help you now and in the future. You’re developing a network in which you’re meeting like-minded people from other organizations who face similar challenges and who may be able to provide insights into solutions that have worked for them. In the process you are reaping the benefits of increased credibility, broadened knowledge, potential career opportunities, and last but certainly not least, lifelong friendships.

The best way to reap these benefits is to not only support and attend our chapter events, but to get involved and participate on a committee.  By being active on a committee and interacting with people who share interests similar to your own, you will find that participation in PCMA will provide benefits well beyond what you can imagine.  Participating in the leadership of your chapter will allow you to develop new skills, expand your knowledge, gain confidence and have fun all at the same time. Professional and personal development is a life-long learning process and PCMA offers a myriad of opportunities for those who are willing to put in the time. Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities within your PCMA SE chapter.

On behalf of the leadership of the PCMA SE Chapter we look forward to your passionate involvement!