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February 18 2016

PCMA SE Member Spotlight - February 2016

Chris Colbert
Q&A with Jim Holliday
Director of Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Sales
Waldorf Astoria, La Quinta Resort & Club and PGA WEST

How many years have you been in the hospitality industry?
30 years and I did not realize it was that long until I did the math....Oh my!

How long have you been a PCMA member?  Two months.

•What is your current job title and name of your organization? Director of Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Sales for Waldorf Astoria, La Quinta Resort & Club and PGA WEST

•What are your goals and objectives for being a member of PCMA-SE?  To increase my education, networking and volunteering opportunities


Communication is a key element in any profession. What is the best method of communication for you to reach your existing and potential clients?  E-mail! Very few people actually answer a phone call.

•PCMA provides many opportunities for education, networking and volunteering; which of these has had the most benefit for you?  Volunteering

•You have been given the opportunity create your very own Disney character based on your personal characteristics. Describe what your character would be so the Disney creative team can get started on your costume and tell us the character’s name.  Walt Disney actually visited the resort and had a home near the resort. I would say that it would be a large majestic colorful strong bird that could soar over the desert landscape and view all the magnificent topography of the area. Name would be: Cahuilla.

•Please share your most favorite online app or website that you use personally for enjoyment or professionally.  My favorite app is The Holy Bible App. It is great to catch up on devotions and reading. It was actually featured and discussed by some of the players at the Super Bowl.

•There is a new opportunity for you to safely travel in a time machine. Where would you go and would it be to the future or past?  It would be the past to make sure I told my loved ones how important they are and how much they are loved each and every day.”