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February 18 2016

February 2016 Education Program Recap

Charlene Lopez
Our February 2016 Education Program was one of the most well attended and best received events in recent PCMA SE history.  We are certain the amazing venue, the Carter Center, and our esteemed panelists had everything to do with that.  We were joined by Johnnie White, Sr. Director, Education, Meetings and Global Affairs at American Academy of Otolaryngology; Bill Reed, Senior Director, Meetings, with American Society of Hematology and the current Chair for the international BOD of PCMA; Bobby Heard, Associate Executive Director at American College of Emergency Physicians, Executive Director, Emergency Medicine Foundation; and Kate Lastinger, CMM, CMP, Director, Global Events for NCR.

Our panelists shared real life experiences, including both successes and learning opportunities (some might consider failures).  While there were many great ideas shared, there were a couple that have been mentioned over and over.  Kate Lastinger, with NCR, shared that they have changed the format of some of their traditional breakouts of 60 minutes.  Instead, they are offering 20 minutes of learning time, where the speakers can only cover 3 main points.  The next 20 minutes is spent applying that knowledge in some sort of real life scenario and the final 20 minutes is spent networking, enjoying some refreshments and discussing the first 40 minutes.  The feedback has been extremely positive from learners.  Our audience was very intrigued with this out-of-the box thinking. 

Another idea that resonated within the audience was Bill Reed’s idea regarding the “Shark Tank.”  They have created a “safe group” of people in which you can bring new ideas that might require a lot of time and energy to bring to fruition.  The Shark Tank reviews the idea, provides feedback, and then decide if they would agree to back the idea when brought to the leadership team.  This often strengthens the original idea or it allows you to scratch an idea that would have taken a lot of time, energy and money and then not been backed in the end.  There were far too many ideas to list them all.  

We provided a survey to our attendees at the end of the program.  The feedback has been wonderful.  We had some fantastic comments, and we are thrilled that you enjoyed the program.  We also appreciate the ideas shared for future programs.  Several audience members recommended having a program on new technologies/social media, and we had several requests regarding contracting.  If you have any ideas for a future program, please contact me, Charlene Lopez, at clopez@atlanta.net.  We like to ensure that you are getting the most from your membership and that you enjoy the program topics.  

We would like to thank the panelists for joining us and for sharing so many wonderful ideas.  We would also like to thank our sponsors who made the program possible.  Special thanks for to Memphis CVB, the Carter Center and Proof of the Pudding for the amazing President’s lunch.

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