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December 29 2015

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions In The Workplace


It’s that time of year again when everyone thinks about how they can improve over the next 12 months. As 2015 whispers its last gasps, plenty of professionals are crafting resolutions to lead the way into the new year. CareerBuilder recently surveyed more than 3,200 employees to get  a sense of the changes they’re hoping to make in the office. Here’s a look at the top five results:

1) Save more of my pay. Thirty-eight percent of employees are hoping to make some financial adjustments to the way they manage their paychecks.

2) Be less stressed. As smartphones rule every minute of the day, more employees are taking a personal pledge to prevent the always-on mentality from increasing their blood pressure: 28 percent want to reduce their stress.

3) Get a raise or promotion. While this isn’t surprising, getting a raise and advancing status in the workplace is an art. If this is one of your resolutions, be sure to read “9 Things Not To Do When Asking For A Raise.” 

4) Eat healthier at work. Tired of snacking in the break room? You’re not alone. Nineteen percent of employees want to make enhancements to their workday diets. Be sure to read this article for wellness tips.

 5) Learn something new. From webinars to hands-on training to face-to-face education, 17 percent of employees are looking for resources that will make them smarter in 2016.

Some employees aren’t restricting their resolutions to the existing four walls of their offices. In fact, 21 percent are promising to find new career opportunities in 2016, and young employees are leading the pack. Of employees ages 18 to 34, 30 percent are aiming to have a new job by the end of 2016.

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