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December 29 2015

These Are The Most Innovative Cities Around The World


The meetings industry is grounded in the spirit of innovation. As organizations work to fuel their approaches for face-to-face education and networking, location plays a critical role. With this in mind, meeting professionals have an essential question on their minds: which host destinations can deliver the type of creative culture that will shape a more engaging environment?

To offer potential answers, 2thinknow™unveiled its annual Innovation Cities™index. In its ninth year, the list provides a glimpse of cities around the world based on three crucial factors: cultural assets (designers, galleries, museums, etc.), human infrastructure (transport, universities, technology, etc.) and networked markets (location, military, economies of related entities, etc.). Here’s a look at the top 10:

1) London
2) San Francisco — San Jose
3) Vienna
4) Boston
5) Seoul
6) New York
7) Amsterdam
8) Singapore
9) Paris
10) Tokyo

However, the front-runners on the list aren’t the only places that should be on your map. The judging criteria award cities five different innovation classifications, and the highest classification, NEXUS, extended beyond the top 10. For the meetings industry, the list was especially notable. Eight members of the members BestCities Global Alliance achieved the top distinction, and all of the BestCities CVBs appeared in the top 200 of the prestigious list.

“As the first-ever network of meetings destinations, BestCities prides itself as a group that unites top-tier CVBs,” Karen Bolinger, CEO of the Melbourne Convention Bureau and Chair of BestCities, says. “This list highlights the alliance brings together the names that are serious about contributing to the innovative engine that drives the meetings industry forward.”

Innovation — More Than Immediate Impact

While an innovative infrastructure has clear short-term benefits for visiting attendees, the members of BestCities also think of innovation from a broader perspective. “Real success is seen as something more enduring, something that will make a long-term difference,” Bolinger said at a workshop of leading association professionals.

Bolinger and her colleagues in BestCities destinations have taken this perspective to heart in their work to plan meetings and conventions. From bringing the World Congress of Neurosurgery to Latin America for the first time in nearly three decades to uniting the brightest minds in medical meetings in the UK, the destinations in the BestCities alliance have demonstrated a commitment to moving the world forward. For a better understanding of this commitment, read “How Conventions Are Creating Big Picture Impact.” Then, be sure to check out their positions on the most recent ICCA Annual Statistics Report.

This educational article was brought to you by BestCities, the first convention bureau alliance. With 12 destinations around the world, each member of the BestCities network is committed to the highest level of service and works to make planning programs simple and successful. A unique data exchange process connects staff across six continents to share information smoothly. If you are interested in learning how BestCites can help you plan better meetings and create lasting legacies, click here to get in touch with the team. Be sure to check out what your colleagues are saying about BestCities, too.

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