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December 18 2015

How One Planner Finalized Multiple Destinations In One Bid

By Best Cities Global Alliance

Nisan Bartov, Chief Operating Officer at Congressmed, Client Advisory Board member of BestCities Global Alliance takes the stage at PCMA Convening Leaders in January at the session “How to Build Trust, Accountability & Team Synergy in Your Virtual Workplace”.

Nisan’s speech at PCMA is significant as it emphasizes the success of an international virtual cooperation which leads to a series of events organised by Congressmed providing an example of BestCities work in action. Last year, the company which specialises in the development and enhancement of medical education through concept congresses, coordinated an event, World Congress on Controversies in Breast Cancer, in Melbourne, and through working closely with Melbourne Convention Bureau and key stakeholders throughout the city, smashed its delegate target by +40%.

Taking learnings from this event on board and through working with BestCities and the CAB, Alliance destination member Berlin is securing another large-scale event via Congressmed, to take place in 2017. As a leading destination in medical science, Berlin is a natural fit as a host city for Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility (COGI). This event will be the 6th Congress within 5 years that Congressmed has brought to a BestCities destination, mirroring a growing trend and ambition of the Alliance to secure meetings and conferences as a collective across multiple BestCities destinations.

Nisan Bartov commented: “This fruitful partnership is bringing us to the next level where we do not only host our congresses at one of the BestCities partner destinations, but through the Alliance and a network of destinations with shared commitment to excellence, work together to build new projects, conferences and legacy programs.”

The Client Advisory Board, facilitated by PCMA, has been of paramount importance in the growth and value proposition of the BestCities Global Alliance, providing counsel on trends and operational experiences to assist its members as they strive in their commitment to excellence. Alongside the Alliance’s partnership with the PCMA, its relationships with high profile associations and meeting executives have been key in delivering outstanding results for clients.

Karen Bollinger, Chief Executive Officer at Melbourne Convention Bureau and Board Chair for BestCities, says that harnessing some of the industry’s best minds in regular discussion and sharing of ideas is helping the Alliance deliver successful results in the long-term for its members and its clients.

“Sharing of best practice, intelligence and knowledge with industry peers has sharpened the Alliance’s competitive edge. Learnings from experience in one destination have helped BestCities better their offering in the next, really listening to their clients and offering a second to none destination service experience, which has a long lasting impact in their host city.”

It is clear then, that there are rich benefits for meeting planners who choose to work with Alliance’s like BestCities. When coordinating meetings in multiple destinations globally, which is increasingly the case as organisations brand out into new and emerging markets, a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. Planners need to be culturally astute and adapt their approach to the destination and audience. Adapting tone and presentation and engagement strategies is key to creating impact and delivering a successful event. Likewise, developing meaningful relationships with stakeholders in that market to extend the reach and impact of your event is a learning and something BestCities can help to facilitate in multiple destinations via its destination members.

If you want to learn how your organization can work with the Alliance like Nisan, go to bestcities.net

BestCities will also be powering the Global Hub at Convening Leaders Vancouver from January 10 – 13, 2016 with an Open Mic session taking place on Monday, January 11, from 10.30-11.30am.

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