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December 08 2015

Tips The EMC From Iowa State University Learned At Convening Leaders 2015

Eric Jacobson, Media Development, Ascend Integrated Media
Nearly 20 Iowa State University students and Heartland Chapter members attended last year's Convening Leaders meeting in cold, snowy Chicago, IL. All of them are part of the Event Management Club (EMC) at ISU.

As Convening Leaders 2016 in Vancouver approaches, the ISU students who attended last year's conference share the tips they learned at the event:

  • The first twelve words you say, the first twelve steps you take and the first twelve inches of your head are what matters most - Elizabeth Johnson
  • Walk with a purpose - Valerie Villa
  • We are in the business of saying yes. Be creative so you don't have to say no. People will remember that - Ali Willis
  • Anything you do 21 times becomes a habit - Cassidy Brinkman
  • Do as many internships and take as many volunteer opportunities as you can - Taylor Nigro

  • When somebody thinks your idea is impossible and asks, "Why should I let you do this?" Ask: "Well why not?" Sometimes you have to challenge those around you to think outside the box - Bridgett Konradi
  • Always be willing to help or find someone who knows the answer - Lainey Crawford
  • Use You before I or We. For example, it was a pleasure to meet you versus I was pleased to meet you - Emily Merkle

  • Under promise and over deliver - Ally Sedore
  • The four people you spend the most time with you will become - Destiny Luchtel
  • You learn two things from everyone; what to do and what not to do - Emily Fairbairn
  • Don't limit your options and be sure to keep an open mind - Maggie Nobile

  • Respect every event and the people associated with it, and make no little plans. Each event comes with its ups and downs; it's what makes events so interesting and great to plan - Collin Schmidt
  • The fast moving trends get most of the attention. The slow moving trends have most of the power - Emily Kieffer
  • Always show interest in others and they will show interest in you - Julia Albaugh
  • Don't be afraid to go up and talk to people and if you are really interested, ask for their business card and hand them yours too - Sara Alesandrini
  • Only thirteen pieces of jewelry ladies!!! But, no bangle bracelets - Shalane Mahal
The EMC is five years old, and meets weekly on the ISU campus to discuss various topics, such as PCMA articles, issues and events. Plus, local guest speakers are often invited to address the group.

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