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December 08 2015

Q4 President's Message

Kristen Kimbrel, CMP, Senior Meeting Planner, American Academy of Family Physicians

As 2015 comes to a close, I want to thank all of our directors, committee chairs, committee members and all of our members. This year has gone by faster than I had imagined and I can't believe it's already my last President's Message. 

Our committees have done outstanding work this year and here are some of the highlights: 

  • Our sponsorship committee has spent the year raising $14,900 in sponsorship dollars for our Chapter. They also brought in $8,000 at our 2nd annual golf tournament.
  • The communications committee has been very active and engaged this year. As many of you have noticed, the online newsletter has been upgraded and looks exceptional. The Facebook page has nearly 60 "likes" and this committee continues to provide great articles, pictures and contests.
  • The community service committee worked on multiple programs throughout the year that benefited such organizations as Operation Breakthrough, Relay for Life, Unleashed Dog Rescue and the KC Vet Center.
  • Our scholarships and awards committee has been busy the past few months with the Disney Scholarship for PCMA membership and Convening Leaders scholarships for professionals and students. They will begin working on the awards/nominations for the February Installation event soon.
  • The membership committee has once again done a great job with recruitment and new members. A new initiative in the 4th quarter of this year is for the Board to make calls to every single member in the Chapter to thank you all for your membership. We are the only chapter doing this and I think that it’s a great opportunity!
  • Our emerging leaders committee continues to work making contacts at additional colleges. We are hoping to see some new events incorporating students in 2016.
  • The programs committee has been extremely busy this year with educational programs that included contract negotiations, food allergies and a new event in St. Louis. Plus, they have been working really hard on the 2016 schedule. I am excited to see everything they have in store for us!

We have an amazing Chapter, with a lot of great volunteers. The Board and committees are already hard at work to make 2016 even better and your Incoming President, David Kinney, is going to lead us with his infectious passion for our Chapter.

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Thank you Kristen for your awesome leadership during 2015!

“I am most thankful to Kristen for her leadership during the past year because she moved the Chapter forward with succession plans for our committees. And, I appreciate her rethinking how many meetings we need each year.” – Priscilla Noland

"I am most thankful to Kristen for her active leadership during the past year, because it's not just a position of title, it's a position of purpose. Also, Kristen did such a great job as president this past year because she challenged all of us (board members, committee members, and PCMA members) to continually improve on our processes based on past assumptions." – David Swift

“Kristen did such a great job as President this past year because she, among countless other presidential duties, planned and led a terrific Board retreat at Janice's house over the summer. It was great to get everyone together and hear about our Chapter's history from Missy Johnson. I think we all went away from that event feeling great about our little Chapter that could. Thank you Kristen.” – Kerry Kerr

"Kristen was patient, passionate and had a really inspiring teaching ability about her. She did an amazing job leading PCMA Heartland in 2015." – David Kinney

“I am most thankful to Kristen for her dedication to our Chapter and for always taking a pro-active approach to make Heartland a better, more productive and positive Chapter for our members and industry colleagues.” Janice McClain

“I am most thankful to Kristen for her commitment to the Heartland PCMA Chapter during the past year, because she truly cares about our industry and is passionate about making our Chapter one of the best! Kristen did such a great job as president this past year because she not only stayed focused on the tasks at hand, but also made it fun for those who worked closely with her on programs and events.” – Keri Magnuson

"I am most thankful to Kristen for her incredible leadership and attention to detail in every aspect of her position during the past year, because she took every opportunity to make sure everyone had a voice and she respected all opinions. Kristen did such a great job as president this past year because she really took the initiative to ensure everyone felt part of a great team." – Judy Lee-Kirchmann

“Kristen did such a great job as president this past year because of her stellar ability to be the type of leader people are proud to follow.“ – Meagan McClain.

“I am most thankful to Kristen for her positive leadership, energy and infectious enthusiasm.” – Eric Jacobson

"Kristen did an excellent job this year as president, capitalizing on her great industry relationships and attention to detail. She really brought out the best in our Board of Directors." – Stephanie Deel

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