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November 24 2015

You Should Send This Message To Your Attendees This Week

David McMillin

Like many industries, the convention world is addicted to emails. We write prospective attendees to warn them about upcoming registration deadlines. We communicate with members about new educational resources. We craft messages to remind our audiences to take advantage of discounts, complete surveys and perform a wide range of other actions that will help our organizations stay successful.

This week, though, it’s more important than ever to send a note to express your appreciation to the US-based members of your audience. You don’t need a call to action. You don’t have to fill the note with good graphics. You don’t need to select the next five best webinars for them. All you have to do is say thanks. It’s that simple.

As your audience receives countless promotional emails telling them to “Get Ready for Black Friday sales!” and “Mark The Calendar for Cyber Monday deals”, Thanksgiving is the time to stand out from the clutter with a meaningful note about how much you appreciate them. Whether your next conference begins next week or next summer, the message is the same: your attendees are what make it come to life. They give their time by investing in a three-day program. They give their recommendation by sharing positive reviews on social media. They give their constructive feedback to help make improvements. So send them a thank you to let them know your organization recognizes just how valuable each of their contributions are to the future.

On behalf of everyone at PCMA, we’d like to thank you for giving us your eyes here at PCMA.org and PCMAConvene.org and giving us your support throughout the year. Whether you’ve joined us at Convening Leaders or Education Conference or tuned into virtually to one of our webinars, you are part of the engine that keeps PCMA running. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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