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November 24 2015

5 Creative Holiday Gifts For Your Coworkers And Clients Under $30

David McMillin

It’s Ho-Ho-Ho time again. While the holiday season brings plenty of joy, it also carries the challenges of buying for colleagues and clients. Sure, you could go with a safe bet such as a gift card or a bottle of wine, but this is the time of year where you can showcase your creativity. After all, it’s the meetings industry, right? Yes, even gift-giving can be “innovative” and “budget-friendly.” Before you start making your Black Friday plans and bookmarking Cyber Monday deals, here are five ideas that are sure to please the convention industry professional on your list.

Grid-It Accessory Organizer

Every meeting professional knows the pain of the carry-on quest. Where are the headphones? Did I lose my lip balm? Is that USB drive with all my backup files even here? The GRID-IT eliminates the hassle of searching with elastic straps that secure all the essentials during a trip.

Micro Smartphone Stand

Who wants to hold a smartphone in their hands or cradle it between their shoulders and ears? Whether you’re watching that latest must-see video of a skateboarding dog or joining a conference call, this stand makes mobile device usage more friendly.

Anker Astro E4 Portable Charger

If you’ve ever done the scan-the-wall-at-the-airport-in-search-of-power dance, you know the dread of watching the battery on your device drain to a flashing red light. This portable charger will make sure your colleagues and clients can stay connected without searching for an outlet at the airport or in a convention center ballroom.

Mini It Color TV Memo Pad

Sure, we live in the era of connectivity of devices, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has traded away pens and pencils for talking to Siri. For the colleagues and clients who still enjoy the vintage activity of note taking (and the vintage product of a dial TV), this memo pad is the perfect desk companion.

Coloud The Bang Block Speaker


Everyone needs a soundtrack. Whether responding to email from the home office or unwinding after a full day of a convention program in the host hotel, the built-in speakers in a laptop or tablet aren’t enough to make that music come to life. Enter The Bang Block, which is small enough to travel and packs a sound big enough to rock.

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