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November 13 2015

3 Free Tools To Reduce Stress And Make You Happier At Work

By David McMillin

No matter what your responsibilities are in the convention industry, chances are your job carries some extra daily baggage: stress. Americans are adjusting to the constantly-connected nature of the digital business landscape. They’re working more, sleeping less and watching the dividing line between work and home continue to erode. In many cases, the buzzing and blinking of smartphones may add to the challenges of dealing with stress. However, those screens can also offer a sense of relief. If you’re looking for some help in dealing with your worries, check out these free mobile apps built to reduce stress and anxiety.


There’s a reason that “just breathe” is an old piece of advice for anyone feeling frustrated, angry or overwhelmed. According to The American Institute of Stress, abdominal breathing for 20 - 30 minutes each day will lower stress and anxiety. However, most employees aren’t focusing on taking deep breaths while sitting in the office. With Breathe2Relax, you’ll have a range of exercises designed to help with mood stabilization, anger control and anxiety management. Perhaps some of them can be put to use before your next budget meeting.

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Personal Zen

While Angry Birds and Words With Friends aren’t going to cure your troubles, this game actually will have an impact on the way your brain works. A number of psychologists have endorsed its ability to reduce stress and retrain your brain to focus on the positives in life. “Instantly engaging for adults and kids, Personal Zen is a rare example of science turned into fun in order to reduce stress and anxiety,” Dr. Tony Simon, Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of California Davis, writes. Want more proof of the power of Personal Zen? Check out this article.

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It’s easy to dwell on the to-dos that are bringing you down: that report due tomorrow, that contract you’re still negotiating or that long stretch of travel approaching next month. Rather than wasting time and energy on the negative aspects, Happify is designed to make you think about good news. It appears to work, too. According to the service, 86 percent of frequent users report an increase in happiness in two months.

Looking for more help in your efforts to leave stress in the rearview? This new wearable technology might be the answer.

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