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October 27 2015

This Destination Is Betting On Its Local Community To Win Conventions



Building a strong convention destination isn’t just about the employees at the convention center and the staff in the CVB office. Sure, those leaders play an integral role in educating meeting planners on the benefits of bringing their attendees to a particular destination, but a convention destination’s success also relies on a whole cast of people who aren’t earning paychecks for their business development efforts.

In southern Alberta, the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre and Meetings+Conventions Calgary team recognize the need to bring the community and prospective meeting planners closer together. With that in mind, the two organizations have just launched a new Intellectual Capital program.

“We want to connect meeting planners with our city’s greatest resource, Calgarians,” Carolyn Watson, Manager, Marketing and Communications, Meetings + Conventions Calgary, says. “With such a rich community of leaders in energy, finance, technology, transportation and film, Calgary is more than just a place to meet. It’s a place where some of the best ideas and innovations are taking shape to change the world. We want to make sure that meeting planners and their groups can take advantage of the on-the-ground expertise in Calgary to strengthen their conferences.”

Mary Moran, President and CEO, Calgary Economic Development, is involved in the Intellectual Capital initiative, and she believes that the city’s business infrastructure makes Calgary a premier spot for brainstorming the next generation of energy solutions.

“We could be bringing energy-related conferences to Calgary, particularly ones that create dialogue and debate with the idea of solving problems in the energy industry,” Moran says.

However, the energy industry is just one reason why Calgary’s local intellectual capital continues to thrive. The city is growing at record-breaking pace thanks to a range of new companies. In 2014 alone, 4,400 new businesses opened their doors in Calgary.

“Everyone knows Calgary for energy, but over the past five years, the city has been welcoming a range of new companies in technology, finance, transportation and more,” Watson says. “As Calgary continues to move forward, it’s clear that the city’s future will be fueled by a diverse set of business leaders.”

Interested in learning how the intellectual capital in Calgary can play a role in enhancing your conference? Click here to get in touch with Meetings+Conventions Calgary to hear more about how the city’s brightest minds can contribute to your program.

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