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September 30 2015

President’s Message: Where Does the Time Go?

Catherine Mills, CMP, President, The Greater Midwest Chapter
I don’t know how it got to be October already. And I know we all say it every year…but where does the time go? Recently I heard a speaker talking about how busy we all are these days. But he put it in such a different light that I’ve been really thinking about what to do with the information and how to spend my time.

Here’s his bent on today’s “I’m so busy”: As a society, We have never had as much free time as we do today. We’re not growing and raising our food, we’re not sewing our clothes or chopping firewood to keep our homes warm or even building our own homes, for that matter. The “problem” with our being so busy these days is because we have so much free time, we have so many different options of what to do with our free time. Think about it. How much of your running around from here and there is truly optional? I bet if you look at in that light, it’s more than you think.

Think about your commute. A century ago, people worked much closer to home than they do today, especially since such a large percentage of people were farmers or owned their own business and worked out of their home – i.e., the guy who owned the general store probably lived above it.

Then we can get in to whether you have children and the number of activities they’re involved in… but do I really need to? You get the message. Most of what we complain about is self-inflicted — me included.

Which is why I have loved being president of the Greater Midwest Chapter of PCMA this year. I love this industry. I love the people who make it up and especially all of you who are part of the GMC. The time I have taken away from work and family to volunteer over the past 15 years has been worth every minute. The experiences and friends that I have made have partly shaped who I am as a meeting professional, a friend, colleague, wife and mother and I like to think I’m a better at each of those things because of it.

For those of you who volunteer your time to GMC, thank you! You make us run and be great! Thank you for your time! For those of you who haven’t volunteered yet – think about where you “free time” is going and see if you can give back to your profession just a little bit, I promise it will come back to you.

The call for volunteers for 2016 has gone out and I encourage you to respond. Make that choice to give back, get involved – and reap the rewards of professional growth and friendship… and probably a lot more.

About the Author
Catherine H. Mills, CMP is Director, Annual Meeting & Council on ADA Sessions, Division of Conferences & Continuing Education, Council on ADA Sessions, American Dental Association. She is 2015 President of The Greater Midwest Chapter