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September 15 2015

Omaha Trivia Game Offers Cool New Way To Learn About Omaha

Deborah Ward, Director of Marketing/Communications, Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau

Everyone who attended the Chapter’s July 23 meeting got to see the cool new Omaha Trivia Game in action.

The Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau created the Omaha Trivia game as a fun way for meeting planners and association executives to learn more about Omaha. The Omaha CVB takes the mobile game on the road and customizes the questions based on the group that will be playing. 

Players have 10 seconds to answer each question, the person with the most correct answers in the quickest amount of time, wins. The leaderboard feature lets players know instantly who is winning. The Omaha CVB is also able to customize the game for groups to use as attendance builders or as an interactive component during their meeting in Omaha.


Examples of questions:

What is the three letter designation for Omaha’s airport?


What NBA Star has been known to lunch in Omaha?

A. Lamar Oden
B. LeBron James
C.  John Wall
D. Kevin Durant

TSA stands for:

A. Tiny Suitcase Assault
B.  Transportation Security Administration
C.  Try Standing Aside
D.  Travel Society Association

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