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September 08 2015

Can This New Tool Completely Simplify Booking Your Flights?

By David McMillin

Booking air travel can be a big pain. You compare prices. You set flight alerts. You wait and watch for the perfect time to book. Some of this activity might be on your phone or your tablet, but you’re most likely turning to your computer to click the purchase button. In fact, statistics from a recent survey show that 78 percent of travelers turn to a PC to buy flights.

If you’re tired of using multiple devices that take up multiple minutes for booking flights, you may be a match for mobile travel app Hopper. The company has just released a new tool called QuickTap Booking. With the ability to save your travel profile and payment info, Hopper touts that the entire process of researching flights, comparing prices and choosing your selection takes less than one minute.

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Why You May Still Want To Book Direct

I checked out the app, and it is indeed a very convenient tool. For passengers who plan to travel without any baggage, this may be an easy route. However, in the era of baggage fees, economy plus and a million other travel options, there are some potential drawbacks to booking via an online travel agent like Hopper versus booking directly through an airline’s website.

“If you go on Expedia and click on baggage info, it just opens up a huge, long list of airlines and what their fees are,” Brett Snyder, President of Cranky Flier, said in an interview with Business Insider. “On some sites, you don’t even have that option.”

In addition to eliminating the potential of being surprised by fee structures, direct booking carriers plenty of other customizable options such as early boarding, additional legroom and the occasional option to pay to upgrade to first class. For longer flights, you’ll often be able to pre-select a special meal option, too. And let’s face it: who wants to miss out on that delicious pasta dish that’s been frozen and waiting for you since you booked the ticket?

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How do you prefer to manage all your travel for the meetings industry? Are there any apps or websites that revolutionized your life? Share them below in the comments section.

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