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September 08 2015

5 Unbelievable Associations That Actually Exist

By David McMillin

AAPRN, AASEP, SOPAC — the list of acronyms in the association and meetings industry stretches on for miles. As like-minded people look for opportunities to unite with peers with similar interests, backgrounds and professions, that list is getting even longer. It includes some groups that you may be surprised to learn are, indeed, real. Here’s a look at five unbelievable-sounding associations that actually exist.

1) Association for the Preservation of the Coelacanth

You don’t know what a coelacanth is? Neither did I until I stumbled upon this organization. The coelacanth is a rare and endangered fish that lives in the Comoros Islands, and this organization’s seven-member executive committee is dedicated to keeping them swimming. While you may be passionate about coelacanths, the website doesn’t include directions on how to join.

2) Association for Dressings & Sauces

Ketchup, mustard, vinaigrette — you name it, and this organization knows about it. I love sauces and marinades, so I may need to find a way to register for the upcoming ADS Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. This organization knows the importance of the next generation of sauce consumers, too. They recently surveyed consumers to gauge their attitudes about whipped sauces. Spoiler alert: Millennials love mayonnaise.

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3) American Mustache Institute

Finally, what the world needs — an organization committed to protecting the rights of people who have mustaches. This membership application includes some of the best questions in the history of associations, too. “Who is your mustache idol?” (Mine is Tom Selleck.) “Would you leave your partner to protect your mustache?” (Because this article will be on the Internet for her to read, I will have to answer “no.”)

4) American Association of Candy Technologists

While I was unaware that those working in the snacking industry can be called technologists, I applaud this group for its work. You’re keeping my sweet tooth satisfied. Consider some of the sessions at the AACT National Seminar: “Using Cocoa in Confections”, “Gelatin Replacements in Gummies and Fruit Snacks” and “Beer and Confections.”

5) Association for Renaissance Martial Arts

Are you looking for a knight in shining armor? Your search ends here. However, this organization isn’t just looking for anyone. The membership qualifications seem fairly serious. “We don’t want goobers and we don’t want wieners,” the website states. “We don’t want fakes or flakes seeing escape from their mundane lives or personal failures.”

Well, then, I guess I’m out.

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