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September 02 2015

Ask the AV Professional

Derek Suminski, GMC Communications Committee
Ask the AV Professional is a regular feature in this newsletter. Questions can range from technology to conference planning and anything in between. Submit your questions to dsuminski@bavservices.com.

Can you explain what pre-conference presentation submission is and why I should consider it?
Have speaker presentation logistics become an additional item to worry about as you prepare for your meetings? You can streamline the PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi submission process for your event by offering your presenters advanced submission via a link or website.

There are a few factors to consider, including the makeup of your presenter base and your AV company’s capabilities. Simply stated, uploading files to a Presentation Management Server is a straightforward and secure method of allowing speakers to submit their electronic presentations prior to arriving at the meeting. Most AV providers offer their own version, options, and proprietary software. For example, my company’s custom software, Conference Content, accepts presentations, posters and abstracts.

With a presentation file server and networked meeting rooms, once submitted and/or approved, presentations are transferred electronically to the appropriate session room. This creates improved efficiency during sessions and better service for the speaker(s). The complicated and time-consuming process of swapping laptops (or Macs, etc.) between each speaker is eliminated as each room will have a dedicated device connected to the network. An additional benefit of a system of this nature is that all the presentations are backed up, and at the conclusion of the event, can be provided for archival, educational, or retail purposes.

At the meeting facility, a central storage file server and/or cloud-based server is housed in the Speaker Ready Room and networked to each meeting room. As they arrive on site, the speakers have the option to review, edit, or rehearse their presentation at their leisure – or just walk to the podium in their session room and start their talk.

About the Author
Derek Suminski is the Vice President of Development for BAV, an award winning, audio visual rental, staging and production company. Derek has worked for and has traveled extensively with BAV for 19 years and serves on various PCMA and MPI committees. To contact Derek or to learn more about BAV please visit www.bavservices.com